Investment Philosophy


Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

Since its formation, Ascentris has successfully invested across all the major property types and geographic regions in the United States.  As a result, it benefits from a broad perspective that enables its clients to take advantage of relative value at any point in the real estate cycle.  There are many aspects that make Ascentris an exceptional organization here are a few that best describe its investment philosophy.


Ascentris’ in-house research team utilizes proprietary methodologies to identify secular trends and disruptive shifts in the fundamental drivers impacting real estate values. When combining its research with the perspective of its investment teams covering Ascentris’ target markets, Ascentris is exceptionally well positioned to quickly identify and execute on investment strategies it finds most attractive at any point in the real estate cycle.

Value-Add Style

Ascentris focuses on generating value-add returns for its clients through the acquisition, redevelopment and development of high quality, well located institutional real estate.  It manages risk through researched-based sourcing, quantitative analysis, thorough due diligence, diversification, and proactive asset management. Once the business plan has been realized, and subject to favorable capital markets, Ascentris typically sells and moves on to a new opportunity.  “Buy, Fix, Sell and Repeat.”  Depending on the objectives of its clients, Ascentris sometimes holds certain properties for long-term ownership.


Over the years, Ascentris has developed a significant number of traditional and non-traditional sourcing relationships.  Its investment pipeline is robust because its investment professionals have worked hard to establish, and work even harder, to maintain those relationships.  Ascentris' extensive sourcing relationships across property sector and geographic region assist it in building and maintaining its investment pipeline.

Rotational Investing

Ascentris is adept at identifying relative value in the property markets.  Often it “rotates” its clients’ capital into a specific property sector or geographic region early within a fundamental recovery and “rotates” out once that property sector or region has fully recovered.  Over the years, Ascentris has successfully rotated its clients’ capital in an ever-changing real estate market and the approach is always tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Speed of Execution

In a market that is highly competitive, the need for speed is paramount.  Ascentris benefits from having a flat, nimble organizational structure where its entire team is located in the same office, on the same floor.  Ascentris’ lack of bureaucracy results in quick and accurate decision making whether it is analyzing a new investment opportunity or negotiating a lease within its clients’ portfolios.

“Cradle-to-Grave” Investment Management Process

For every investment Ascentris makes, the sponsoring investment team is responsible for the subject investment throughout its entire life cycle; from the original underwriting through its disposition.  Ascentris utilizes this approach because it ensures complete accountability for every decision it makes and aligns the interests of its investment professionals with those of its clients.  Cradle-to-Grave requires Ascentris’ investment teams to stay closer to their properties and markets, develops a more complete real estate professional, promotes an environment that encourages stability among the team and offers its joint venture partners a single point of contact.  Cradle-to-Grave emphasizes quality investing rather than quantity investing.

Alignment of Interest

Whether Ascentris is talking to its capital partners or its joint venture partners, alignment of interest is the focus in everything it does.  It forms structures that can withstand cycles and unforeseen events, provide transparency, accountability and organizational clarity and successfully aligns the interests of all parties to ensure a better outcome. In Ascentris’ experience, alignment works and it is something it takes very seriously.

Evergreen Capital Structures

For any organization to be successful it must have a capital structure that complements its investment strategy.  Ascentris’ investment strategy is to rotate its clients’ capital depending on market conditions.  This requires a flexible capital structure so that Ascentris can patiently and effectively invest over the long-term.  Ascentris has found that its investment strategy is best suited for evergreen structures, or structures that are longer in duration.  Thus, its clients receive a significant amount of its time and attention and Ascentris can stay focused on what is important: being disciplined when investing its clients’ capital with a long-term perspective in mind.

When you put it all together, Ascentris’ investment philosophy results in its clients getting to real estate opportunities ahead of the market while receiving an unmatched level of service, transparency and accountability.